Come to the shop and rent out a GoPro to show all your friends what you see when you land that 360 spin. The Shop includes tonnes of items for you to rent or buy, including gear, clothing, bikes, and skateboards! If your bike is in need of a repair, we got you covered! The shop has a service section specifically built to help fix any problems you may have.


Race with your friends and family to win the ultimate prize, BRAGGING RIGHTS. This giant, professionally designed drift trike race track will have you speeding and weaving your way to the finish line, hopefully in first place! The motto of The Trikes: Go Sideways!

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With a long winter and a short summer, there is not enough time to ride in your local park. Luckily, our INDOOR park gives you the opportunity to ride and try new tricks all year long! Special features in our 10,000 square feet park include a beginners ramp, a MEGA-ramp, and cameras placed everywhere to help you capture the special memory of when you first landed that awesome new trick.

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For all you BMX and mountain bike riders, we have created The Jumps specifically for you. Made using 100% real, natural dirt, The Jumps gives you an authentic feel when you ride your bike and go off our perfectly constructed dirt jumps.

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House of Wheels offers a unique, one of a kind action center that’ll help push you one step further into becoming a professional rider. The Pit includes a foam pit, trampoline bike, and resin ramp to assist riders to develop new tricks safely. We don’t want to see you getting injured before a big event!

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Events, competitions, and year-round recreational riding. House of Wheels is shaping up to be just what Edmonton needs. 10,000 square feet of skate park, 10,000 square feet of dirt jumps, 25,000 square feet of drift trike track, resin ramp, foam pit. All designed by riders, for riders, in a family friendly, supervised, secure and safe indoor facility. Come to House of Wheels–the best indoor action sports centre in Canada.

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