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With Edmonton’s long winters and short summers a place to ride indoors is essential!

The Park at House of Wheels gives you the opportunity to ride and learn new tricks all year long! Special features in our 13,000 square feet park include ramps for beginners, a flat obstacle area, a mini-ramp, roll-ins, a speed wall, box jumps, a huge air bag, a resi, left and right quarter-to-resi, and a street section, a flow section, and… well, you get the picture. We’ve got a GREAT PARK!

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For all you BMX, Dirt Jumper, and MTB riders, we have created The Jumps specifically for you. Jumps include a range of box jumps, a Resi-Ramp, and a Quarter-to-Resi. Our line of 5′ and 6′ box jumps is a favourite for scooters too.

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Come to the shop and rent an Action Camera to show all your friends your dope session. Buy anything bike/board/scooter related in The Shop. And you can rent gear, bikes, scooters, and skateboards!

Need repairs? We’ve got you covered! The shop has a service section specifically built to help fix any problems you may have.

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Events, competitions, and year-round recreational riding. House of Wheels is shaping up to be just what Edmonton needs. 13,000 square feet of skate park, resin ramp, air bag; street section, box jump section, flow section, flat land area. All designed by riders, for riders, in a family friendly, supervised, secure and safe indoor facility. Come to House of Wheels–the best indoor action sports centre in Canada.

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