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House of Wheels Lifetime Membership

$7,000.00 $3,000.00

Lifetime access to House of Wheels–just like a Golf & Country Club Membership (Share). Buy into an action sports lifestyle that your family will love! Includes admission and other discounts.

Product Description

Own a part of your favourite play place. Lifetime membership–just like a Golf and Country Club.


Full access to House of Wheels, including The Park, The Pit, The Jumps.

Plus: Spouse of Member gets all member benefits just for paying Annual Dues

Plus: Children of Member get all member benefits just for paying Junior Annual Dues

Member Discounts:

Guests: 10% off all regular priced admissions and races. (Junior Associates can bring guests without the named “Member” being present.)

Retail Purchases: Members get 10% off all products.

Rentals: Members get 10% off all rentals, including Action Cameras and Riding equipment.

Service & Repairs: Members get 10% off all service and repairs available in The Shop.


Full Membership $3,000.00

Annual Dues:

Member: $300.00

Spouse: $250.00

Child (Aged 8 – 17): $250

Transfer Fee: When Junior Member turns 18, he/she may take over parent Membership for an administration fee of $300.00, following which all Benefits, subject to the same eligibility guidelines, apply to Transferred Members spouse/children.

Example: Family of four wants to buy into an action sports lifestyle–for fun, fitness, and health.

Member:           $3,000.00

Member, Year 1 Annual Dues:         $300.00

Spouse, Year 1 Annual Dues:           $250.00

Child one, Year 1 Annual Dues:       $250.00

Child two, Year 1 Annual Dues:       $250.00

Total Purchase: $4,050.00

Years 2, 3, 4 and so on: Only Annual Dues Required: $1,050 for full access for the whole family to The Park, The Pit, The Jumps, The Trikes PLUS all member benefits shown above.


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