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In addition, H.O.W. founders wanted to create a place that is safer, more secure, more consistently supervised, and more family-friendly and family-focused than the typical neighbourhood or community park. The Rules of the House include no swearing, no bullying, ride within your abilities, and more, to accomplish that. Our favourite House reminder is, “You can’t put a band-aide on stupid.” With the design we have and the rules we enforce, we think we have accomplished what we set out to do.

House of Wheels is the biggest, and arguably the best indoor riding facility north of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. BMX Freestyle, Skateboard Street and Park, and Scooter riding is at its finest, year round, rain or shine, cold or hot, at H.O.W.  Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome. Our progressive park design includes a beginner section, a street section, a flow section (a favourite of scooter riders), a box jump section, and a huge air bag and resi-ramp area, perfect for landing those brand new tricks before taking it to the park itself.

Right from opening day, H.O.W. has received great reviews from riders and parents alike. And as we hoped, riders do three things: They ride, they captures images and videos of their riding, and they share those pics and vids all over the internet.

We look forward to many seasons of safe, secure, progressive riding in the exciting and growing world of action sports.

House of Wheels, THE Year-round Action Sports Development and Training Facility

“By 2020, extreme sports will challenge professional and collegiate team sports for the title of most-watched category of sports content. With 100 hours of GoPro video currently being uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day, and sales of action cameras growing nearly 50% annually and projected to hit 9 million in 2018, the extreme sports juggernaut looks unstoppable.” (*http://futureof.org/sports/extreme-adventure-sports/)

House of Wheels was established as a corporation in 2016, and its founders worked steadily on their vision until opening day, June 30, 2018. Their goal was to develop Central Alberta’s best indoor facility where bmx freestyle, skateboard, scooter, and in-line riders could learn, train, and develop their skills year-round. Plans for the entire facility, including the park, the service/retail store, and overall operations are based on a set of exciting sports facts:

  • Action sports are among the fastest growing of all sports.
  • Viewership is growing as fast as participation.
  • The vast viewership is a customer base many companies are keen to reach.
  • Places to ride through Edmonton’s 7-month-long winter-like season are few and far between.