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Camps at H.O.W.

Fun, Friendships, Improvement

Learning to ride a skateboard, a scooter, or a bmx freestyle bike is a fun and exciting challenge. It also brings with it some inherent risks. Historically a widely self-taught group of athletes, action sports success followed the kid with the least fear and the most luck. Unfortunately that often comes with the most bumps and bruises as well.

A Better Way

Now there is an opportunity to learn in the safest way possible–progressively, step by step, using the proper safety gear, and the right sequence of skills, with an encouraging (and appropriately restraining) coach–at a H.O.W. camp.



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HOW Scooter

Competition Schedule

Next Competition: HOW Christmas Classic! Dec. 22, 2018

Come and give ‘er bud! on December 22nd House of Wheels will be hosting the first ever HOW Christmas classic. One big day including all categories of riders (BMX, scooters, skateboards, and anyone else who wants to come) to kick off the holidays proper. Bring your friends… and your not friends, to compete for the GOLD!

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Not sure if you’re ready to compete? We have private and small group lessons available year round. Book a session with our coaching staff to prepare for your next jam session. Use the link above to pay in advance.

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