Group Class - Beginner Skateboard

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Join a group ride with a House of Wheels Coach. Our friendly coaches will teach/re-establish fundamental skills and provide support while you practice new tricks with new friends. Please select the appropriate group to ensure everyone can enjoy the hour together. Learn to ride your skateboard, and have fun getting better every day!

4 session choices. Each runs for 6 weeks, Mondays 5PM, Wednesdays 5PM Thursdays 6PM with a group of up to 5 riders. Meet new friends. Excellent coaching, as always. Choose The session that works best for you and lets get riding!

House of Wheels coaches are the best at helping any level of rider progress! If you or your rider want to get started, learn new skills, or shred harder, a group class will get you there!

Beginner Skateboard lessons are for riders who are starting/wanting to:

  • Get started
  • Push their skateboard
  • Learn how to ride ramps
  • Learn Basic Tricks (ex. Kick turns)

Intermediate Skateboard lessons are for riders who are starting/wanting to:

  • Drop-in on quarter pipes
  • Be comfortable pumping on ramps
  • Comfortably Ollie
  • Hit drops/stair gaps
  • Learn tricks (pop-shove, kickflip)
  • Learn basic "mini ramp" tricks (rock to fakie, tail stall)
  • Learn Flat Rails and Ledges

Advanced Skateboard lessons are for riders who are starting/wanting to:

  • Be comfortable on all ramps
  • Learn advanced flat land tricks (Kickflips+)
  • Learn Down Rails and Ledges
  • Learn "mini-ramp" tricks (50/50 coping grinds, Shove- rock to fakie)