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Lessons and Classes at H.O.W.

The world of Action Sports

Learning to ride a skateboard, a scooter, or a bmx freestyle bike is a fun and exciting challenge. It also brings with it some inherent risks. Historically a widely self-taught group of sports, action sports success followed the kid with the least fear and the most luck. Unfortunately that often comes with the most bumps and bruises as well.

A Better Way

Now there is an opportunity to learn in the safest way possible–progressively, step by step, using the proper safety gear, and the right sequence of skills, with an encouraging (and appropriately restraining) coach.

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From Beginner to Advanced

Better by Design

What’s more, House of Wheels has the right equipment to learn on, from the simplest to the biggest and boldest tricks–graduated ramp design–from small to large, progressive park set-up–from simple to complex, a huge air bag for riders who get to the level of aerial stunts, and a foam padded “resi” ramp that provides next step progression for those big skills.

Lesson Format

Private or Small Group Scooter Lessons. From absolute beginners to more advanced riders, our expert instructors will help you get started safely, in a steady progression from the basics to higher-end riding. Children, youth, and adults welcome. Schedules arranged to match your weekly lesson requirements. Four one-hour lessons each month, ideally in groups of up to four–so you get the optimum balance of personal attention and low cost.

The first student fee is $40/hr. Second, third, and fourth students in a group are $20/hr.

Purchase sessions for September to December and save 15% off the monthly rate!

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Lesson time slots are available based on coach availablility, not necessarily open calendar spaces.