Birthday parties and Groups

Parties at House of Wheels!

For Non-exclusive parties, see below: (for EXCLUSIVE BOOKINGS, click HERE.)

1. Contact our team to let us know you are interested in having a party at House of Wheels.

     --Phone us at 780-461-2368, or email

2. We'll reserve a table/seating area for you. $50 extra gets you 1 hour exclusive use of the balcony seating area. $80 for 3 hours, and $100 for the entire day.

4. Get each party-goer/parent to sign our waiver. (see the link in the bottom right corner of our home page.)

5. Confirm your preferred date and time and let us know when you want to party (see notes below).

6. Pay just $10/person when you arrive. This provides 2-hour access to the park. $7/person more and they can stay all day.

Be sure to give us a heads up that you're coming with a big group so we can be ready for you. Normally, other drop in riders will be in the park--that's how we can keep the prices so low. The times below are less busy, so there will be few riders who are not part of your party.  For exclusive bookings, click HERE.

Available Party Times:

Mondays to end before 5:45 pm

Tuesdays to end before 5:00 pm

Wednesdays to end by 9:00 pm

Thursdays to end before 5:45 pm

Fridays to end before 9:00 pm

Saturdays to end before 11:00 am (in the morning)