Warranty Information

House of Wheels / Wheelz Scooter Shop Warranties


Congratulations on your purchase of a new scooter or components from House of Wheels / Wheelz Scooter Shop. Your purchase includes the following warranties:



All complete scooters:

Lifetime tune-up and dial-in for as long as you own the scooter. Replacement parts and installation extra.

Havoc Complete scooters, :

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 12 Months manufacturer’s against all manufacturer defects.


Envy Completes

12 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty

Envy Aluminum Bars

30 Days Manufacturer’s Warranty

Envy Chomoly Bars

90 Days Manufacturer’s Warranty

Envy Titanium Bars

30 Days Manufacturer’s Warranty


Lucky Scooters and Components

Six Months Manufacturer’s Warranty


Apex Scooters & Components

None whatsoever. https://apexproscooters.com/warranty-information/

Kink BMX Completes

12 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty

Kink BMX Components

2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Kink BMX Wear and Tear components (tires, grips, seats, etc.)

30 Days Warranty against Manufacturer’s defects.


Radio BMX Completes

12 Month Warranty against Manufacturer’s defects.

Radio BMX Components

90 Day Warranty against Manufacturer’s defects.


Haro BMX Completes

Lifetime warranty against non-conforming issues related to material or workmanship (for original owner only).

S1 Helmets

None stated

Protec Helmets, Pads

None stated


See manufacturer’s website for warranty information and claim procedures.

Note: Most warranties will be VOID if bars are cut or modified in any way. Warranties apply only to original retail purchaser with valid proof of purchase.