Affinity - Devin Pelphrey Sig Bar

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Devin is a shredder hailing from Corona, Ca. When we say shredder we mean it. Whether it's being a style boss in the bowls on Southern California's famous "Big Chino" Skatepark or being creative on a late night at the shop on our rails, Devin is always pumping out tricks and style that make you want to shred too. 

Devin's style is reflected well with this Translucent Red Colorway. These bars are just badass and are hyped to be able to offer them and help support Devin in the process. Devin get's a piece of the pie from every bar sold. So support the homie, us, and America by picking a bar up today!

The Classic T-bar boasts a thick .083” crossbar. By using this thickness the bar is able to maintain strength while enabling that classic T-bar look. The steerer tube is a .058 thick” and fits nicely on most compression systems. This combination of wall thicknesses and quality welding creates a superior T-bar.

The bar is protected with a clear coat to protect the chromoly steel from rusting and it creates a look unique to Affinity. If you’re looking for a high-quality T-bar that will last then look no further. Affinity is the right choice for you.

  • Made from resilient chromoly steel
  • 24" wide x 28" tall
  • .083” crossbar for superior strength
  • .058” steerer tube for weight savings and compatibility
  • High-quality translucent red powder coat
  • Protective clear coat to maintain finish
  • Locally made in Southern California
  • Rider owned and operated company with years of professional experience