AO - Sachem Deck V2

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The all new S2 is 5.35” wide which provides for more control over your deck and a more comfortable ride. New aluminum drop outs are practically indestructible and allow for more precise 5-0 grinds. The deck is 3mm thinner than the Sachem S1 which is a major improvement in the way you feel your deck. The thoroughly reinforced headtube comes with an 84 degree headtube angle which lets you lock and sit inside of noseblunts and crooks/overcrooks.

  • Reinforced Headtube / 84 degree headtube angle 
  • 5.35" width (136mm)
  • Aluminum dropouts 
  • v2 double fender
  • 28mm wheel compatibility 
  • 3.9 lbs (22" deck), 4.07lbs (23" deck)