Aztek - Siren V2 Deck

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The Aztek Siren deck was the first 6" wide deck on the market, and still is to this day. The all-new Siren V2 features the same dimensions as the original but includes a forged headtube that's intended to increase strength and prevent cracking in that general area. It also features a new drop out system to increase strength and ensure smooth grinds whether its a 5-0 of a feeble. Of course, you can fit up to 120mm wheels and with a little modifying you can also run up to 30mm wide wheels like Radix or 12 STD. Cop the new and improved Aztek Siren deck before they're gone! 

  • 6" Wide
  • 23" Long
  • 12mm and 12STD Compatible
  • Integrated
  • 83 Degree Headtube Angle