Crisp - Hive Bar

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The Hive bars are Crisps newest addition to their line of bars. These bars do come on all the new model completes which is a huge upgrade due to these bars being aluminum! Since they are aluminum that mean that they are super light, which will make alot of tricks easier than if you had steel. Aluminum is a lighter material and it also is not as strong as steel so do keep that in mind if you are looking to buy these bars. Note that these bars are only compatible with IHC, and Mini Hic compression, they will work with SCS if you were to cut off the slit in the bar. 

Note: These bars will only work with SCS compression, and IHC, Mini HIC, and ICS if you were to have a slit installed! 

  • Aluminum
  • Only compatible with IHC, Mini Hic, and SCS