Envy - AOS v4 - Jessee Ikedah

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Envy Jessee Ikedah AOS V4 Signature Deck 

The most anticipated new deck realease is finally here!
The all new 2016 Range of Envy Scooter AOS v4 Decks are hugely impressive with some massive upgrades from previous years!

Featuring new designed headtubes with channels, blunt plates for those steazy grinds and new nylon brakes these decks are set to once again be the best selling scooter decks for the next 12 months!

ENVY AOS V4 Jessee Ikedah

Headtube Angle: 83°

Width: 4.7in (124mm)

Length: 20.75in (527mm)

Flat-bottom and squared edges make the Envy AOS scooter deck suitable for park or street riding, and easier to perform more tricks on. 

The Envy AOS v4 Decks come in seven cool signatures:

Jessee Ikedah 527mm x 120 mm 83.5°