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ENVY AOSV4 XL DECK | 5.1" X 22"

The all new super anticipated Envy AOSV4 XL Deck's are here!

The head tube is 3D forged-high quality Aluminium that has been squeezed under great pressure into this shape. By putting the Aluminum under great pressure, you also change the structure of the Aluminum and increase its strength.

The Envy AOSV4 XL deck has an all new aftermarket signature Envy Bottom Decal. The integrated cups have also been thickened up to avoid any ovalising from hard riding. You will notice a bend in the down tube. This is not just for looks. It allows the head tube to sit more forward for 120mm wheels. Also when the down tube comes into the deck.. it’s on a lower angle thann before.. This allows more metal to be at the front of the down tube.. Increasing the strength.

NEW Front plates made out of NYLON that come pre installed in all AOSV4 designed specifically for BLUNT slides and lip tricks all the while protecting the deck from damage.

The rails of the deck have been widened to better fit all styles of riding. The brake has a full-length Heat-treated spring steel core, covered by Nylon. Not only does the nylon give it a cool look, it adds grip and dampers the sound of the brake. Brake comes with a 5mm bolt.

  • Nylon Boxed End Inserts
  • 2018 Rear Spacer System
WEIGHT 1.75kg (3.85lbs)
DECK LENGTH* 560mm (22.04”)
DECK WIDTH 130mm (5.11”)
FOOTSPACE** 410mm (16.14”)
  • * Deck length is measured from the front of the deck plate to the rear.
  • ** Foot space is the space between the headtube and the brake and is the physical area that you can stand on.