Envy - AOS v4-LTD-Padel

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Welcoming the 2018 Envy AOSv4 LTD Charles Padel signature deck. Charles Padel has put in constant hours not only just riding and testing, but trying to figure out everything he could to make this deck better. The biggest difference from this years model from the last is the size, now coming in 5.1" inches wide by 21.8" inches long. Due to Charles's riding style consisting of both street and park the the larger sized deck will help with any grinds and stalls, but due to the deck also being made from light weight 6 series Aluminum, tricks like Bri Flips are as easy as could be. Some new features on this deck are the Nylon removable square dropouts making this deck one of the ones in the world that have the option to have square or normal drop outs.