Envy - Prodigy S6

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The Envy Prodigy set the bar insanely high for a out of the box scooter. Including 120mm wheels, IHC compression, nose blunt room, and 6mm bolts for only 260 bucks! This guy is perfect for any rider who's saving every penny they have for a new scooter to learn and progress on. Another awesome thing about the Prodigy, is how universal it is. Adding on aftermarket parts from other companies isn't a issue at all and is definitely something to take into account when it comes to buying a new scooter. This scooter is light, durable, and has an amazing reputation under its belt from anyone who's ridden one. 

  • Deck: 6061-T6 Aluminum Deck - 19.5" Long x 4.7" Wide
  • Bars: 4130 Chromoly Bars 24.5" High x 21.25" Wide
  • Grips: Envy TPR Grips with Nylon Barends
  • Clamp: 2 Bolt 6061 Aluminum Clamp - 6MM Bolts
  • Forks: Prodigy 6061 Aluminum IHC Fork - 125MM Compatable
  • Wheels: 120MM 6063 Aluminum Extruded Wheels - 86A PU