Ethic - Lindworm V2 Deck

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Weight - 3.0 lbs

Length - 20.5 inches

Width - 4.5 inches

Concave - yes

Headtube Angle - 82.5 degree

Material - aluminum alloy 6082 T6

Headset - Fully Integrated

Axles and Brake Included

The Ethic Lindworm Deck was built to be as versatile as possible. With a width of 4.5 inches and length of 20.5 inches, there's something for every rider. The Forged Neck ensures there are no mistakes during production at any angle. The aluminium alloy used is 6082 heat treated (T4/T6) which is 10% more resistant than 6061 and only used in top of the line products.

At just under 3.0 lbs including the brake and axle, the Ethic Lindworm Deck is one of the lightest decks on the market. The Ethic Lindworm Deck has a great forward balance for a superior spin.