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Hella Grip - Griptape - Jake Sorensen

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Hella Grip - Classic Logo Jake Sorensen Colorway- Red and White


  • Jake Sorensen Signature Colorway
  • Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner
  • Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • Sheet Measures 22 x 5 Inches

If your boy had to pick one word to describe Homie Jake Sorensen’s riding style, he’d go with “colorful.” I’m not trying to say Jake’s style is overtly flamboyant…it’s, more or less, visually-captivating-enough-to-the-point-of-ocular-overload-esqe, if I may say so. Since I AM saying so, I will also say that Hella Grip has chosen to award such dedication to colorfulness with a Jake Sorensen Signature Colorway for our Hella Classic grip. 1200 sheets of Mr. Sorensen’s signature colorway sheet will be produced and sold through select retailers and HellaGrip.com. The release of these sheets is meant to represent Jake’s transformation from a lonely, disgusting caterpillar to a beautiful, blossoming butterfly, in terms of skill-level and most importantly: Attitude! -McMasher (Hella Grip Co-Owner)