Primo - "Aneyerlator" Top Load Stem - Tony Neyer Sig.

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Primo Aneyelator V2 Top Load BMX Stem Primo Aneyelator V2 Fop Load BMX Stem - The Primo Aneyerlator V2 Top Load stem is the front load version of Tony Neyer's signature stem made from 7075 aluminum featuring CNC machined sides and bottom section, a hollowed out center section and hollow clamp bolts for weight savings without sacrificing strength, laser-etched Primo faceplate logo and chamfered edges for a clean look. Primo Aneyelator V2 Top Load BMX Stem


Reach: 51mm Stack Height: 30mm Rise: 25mm Upright / 5mm Invert Clamp Bolts: 8x1 25mm Hollow (x4) Pinch Bolts: 8x1 25mm (x2) Weight: 9.3 oz Tony Neyer's signature series stem.