Envy - Reaper - Bar 600mm

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Envy Flavio Pesenti Reaper Bars V2

The new 2015 model Envy Reaper bars now come in awesome new colours, are a whopping 600mm tall and only weigh 800grams!

The Envy Reaper bars are made from aluminium, and so are one of the lightest bars on the market. This is perfect for riders wanting to create a super-light scooter.

Whilst the Envy Reaper bars are our recommended choice of aluminium bars, we would advise riders that aluminium bars are not as strong as chromolly bars, and so if you are prone to breaking bars we would recommend going for the stronger chromolly bars, such as the Envy Soul or Envy Max Peters bars.

The Envy Repaer bars are about the tallest aluminium bars on the market, yet are about 30% lighter than standard bars.

The Envy Reaper bars are compatible with iHC, ICS and SCS compression, but will not work with HIC compression. They are 34.9mm external diameter, which means if running with iHC or ICS you will need an oversized clamp and if you are running SCS you will need the slit removed and an SCS Compression Clamp that fits oversize bars.


WEIGHT 800grams