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Every single scooter deck feels different! It is a bold statement, but very true. Veterans of the sport and newcomers alike would agree that finding a solid, well-balanced deck can make or break the rider. The Root Industries team has performed rigorous testing on a product that they can stand behind when they say - it’s a game changer. The AIR Deck comes in two widths - 5.1" and 4.8" - allowing for an ultimately personalized ride. Aluminum dropouts and a squared back-end give you superior strength and stability for landing your favorite tricks, and learning new ones. The AIR deck has been tested by Root Industries team riders for over two years and we're confident you'll love the deck as much as the team does!


The AIR Deck is the most anticipated Root Industries product of 2018. Featuring an innovative, fully-flat bottom, squared off back-ends, and lightweight design, Root has managed to produce a product that park and street riders alike can agree on. To further support both sides of the sport, Root Industries has produced a variety of sizes and color options to fit riders of all kinds.

Root Industries’ AIR Deck is available in the same great color options as the rest of the AIR lineup making color matching a breeze. Using only the highest quality material, finishes and laser-etching, your scooter will be sure to last - and impress!


- Reinforced headtube & front plate

- 83-degree headtube angle

- 5.1” (130mm) & 4.8" (123mm) width

- Aluminum dropouts

- Fender & steel brake included

- Square back-end

- Flat bottom

- 24-30mm wheel compatible

- Deck specs laser etching


Small: 123mm/4.8 inches by 495mm/19.5inches - (Non-squared back-end)*

Medium: 123mm/4.8 inches by 520mm/20.5inches

Large: 130mm/5.1 inches by 560mm/22 inches

X-large: 130mm/5.1 inches by 585mm/23 inches