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Reach Your Target Market

Ride, Post, Share

Riders at House of Wheels do three things. They ride, they post pictures of themselves riding, and they share pictures of each other riding. You can’t get better customer exposure than that. And at HOW, we know their favourite shots–and the perfect locations for your branded banner to be placed for maximum views. There are three levels of sponsorship to go with the level of exposure you want. The Park, The Jumps, and The Pit will give you exposure to match your budget.

More Than Organic: Facilitated Posts

As part of each sponsorship package you get more than just the exposure to H.O.W. riders. You also get exposure that will come organically as part of their posts. PLUS, you get market reach that comes with posts facilitated by House of Wheels staff. Based on your sponsorship package, H.O.W. staff will stage photo opportunities at the frequency you choose, and send you a high quality image to use as you wish in your own advertising. You’ll acquire a gallery of fantastic action sports images to grow your own eye-catching advertising campaign.

Exciting Opportunities to Reach Your Target Market

H.O.W. is becoming the hub of activity for scooter, bike, and board riders in central Alberta. They buy their riding gear here, they get their rides repaired here, and they ride here—year round on our indoor park. Based on current ridership and projections, we expect up to two thousand visits every month. Our huge indoor skate park is a hot spot for riders aged 8 to 38; most are male; they are typically members of active families, they like to get out and do things, and together are involved in more than scooter riding. Sponsoring House of Wheels provides unique opportunities to reach that target audience with your brand, your message.

Organic Market Reach

H.O.W. customers are Instagrammers.  Globally, Instagrammers share over 95 million posts and stories per day. It is growing into one of the most prevalent social media platforms, and it is huge in the action sports world. Savvy companies are connecting more and more with Instagrammers to get their brand recognized and to get word out to their target market.  As a H.O.W. sponsor, reaching customers far beyond actual visitors to our facility is a natural part of the package—it is organic. Riders ride, and they post what they ride, to Instagram, to Facebook, and more.

Still More Market Reach Opportunities

Add specifics to your marketing reach by sponsoring an individual athlete. H.O.W. attracts high level riders from all disciplines, with local, national, and international competition success potential. BMX Park and Skateboard Street and Skateboard Park are all Olympic sports approved for 2020. Whether you want local or international reach, a H.O.W. Athlete sponsorship is the way to do it. Connect with a rider, help them succeed, and watch your brand grow with their success.