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House of Wheels Park Sponsors

Sponsor The Pit

Riders at House of Wheels love The Pit–a giant air bag they can do HUGE stunts into without getting hurt, plus a 3-approach resi-ramp where they can refine their landing in preparation for taking it to The Jumps. In The Pit they jump higher, spin faster, and take more pictures. Sponsoring The Pit gets you definitely more posts of great high flying riders than any other sponsorship opportunity at H.O.W.

Sponsor a HOW Rider/Athlete

When you sponsor a H.O.W. athlete, you set up an agreement with them personally. A typical agreement includes clauses referring them to wearing your clothing, or riding your gear, and tagging you in an agreed number of posts per week. Riders love to be sponsored, so they love posting and tagging about their sponsors. H.O.W. can coordinate getting you set up with highly skilled riders that are sure to gain a growing follower list; plus we can facilitate them posting great pics of them at H.O.W. riding your stuff, in front of your banner, even. If you want your banner to stay up, be sure to become a dual sponsor–sign an athlete sponsor agreement and sponsor the park so you can benefit in multiple ways from your partnership with House of Wheels.

Sponsor The Park

Sponsoring The Park is a great way to start your marketing campaign at H.O.W. The Park level sponsorship gets you banner space beside a popular big-stunt photo spot in The Park. You provide the banner; you get exposure to H.O.W.’s 2,000 visitors per month, organic marketing posts from riders in The Park area, and regular facilitated images from H.O.W.

Sponsor The Jumps

If you sponsor The Jumps, you get the next level of exposure. The Jumps is a popular big trick, big video spot at H.O.W. The images captured will be “next level” from those in The Park. It’s the same gig: you provide the banner, you get the normal target-market exposure to H.O.W. riders, the organic market reach that comes with their posts, and regular, facilitated images/videos via H.O.W. staff. You should expect more hits, likes, comments, and shares from sponsoring The Jumps.

How does it work? Very simply.

  1. Sign up as a Park Sponsor with House of Wheels.
  2. Confirm your ideal post frequency.
  3. Confirm your preferred area: The Park, The Jumps, The Pit
  4. Pay the associated fee for your sponsorship level and area.
  5. Provide House of Wheels with a 1.2m x 3.0m banner or something similar that shows off your brand and your message.
  6. Consider sponsoring an individual rider–your sponsorship agreement can require them to tag you in each post.
  7. Watch your social media and other platform posts and audience grow as riders post shots of great tricks and stunts in front of your banner for all their friends to view and share.

What you get:

  • A banner up at a high-visibility location at H.O.W.
  • Images and videos of some amazing visuals, with your branded banner in the background
    • Posted by your own customer demographic
    • At the frequency you requested
    • Year round
  • Organic re-posts, comments, shares, and likes that spread your brand
  • Facilitated, staged images and videos to add to your own gallery or campaign

All for a fraction of the cost of the same exposure to your market using other platforms

Facilitated Sponsor Rates

Facilitated Post Frequency The Park Fees The Jumps Sponsorship Fee The Pit Sponsorship Fee
Bi-Weekly      $400/year $500/year $600/year
Weekly      $800/year $900/year $1,000/year
2x/Week      $1,600/year $1,700/year $1,800/year
3x/Week     $2,400/year $2,500/year $2,600/year

Sponsored Rider, Facilitated staged-post fee: $10/post — choose your frequency as above.

*All fees are to be paid up front. Check, Credit Card, EFT, or Interac e-transfer all accepted.