Save the Parks!

"I already donated, and I ride as much as I can. Is there anything else I can do?"

To donate to the GoFundMe, click HERE

Quick list of everything going on to #savetheparks:

  • Pack the Parks. Come ride at either location, and bring your friends!!
  • Donate. go to our GoFundMe, every bit helps. and share the link with as many people as possible.
  • Shop at House of Wheels, online and instore purchases will all help. Use code "SAVEHOW" for 30% online purchases.
  • Clothing Pr-Order. Get almost any previous HOW swag Shop HERE to place your order by Dec. 28. Guaranteed you will get the clothes.
  • Bottle drive. Bring any bottles you have or collect in your neighbourhood to a HOW location and we will take it to the depot.
  • Silent Auction. We have several donated items and services available for auction. Place a bid. New item donations welcome!
  • #SAVETHEPARKS Fundraiser Concert. Dec. 30, 2023 Project 23 &Purple city music Fest are putting on a local Music concert at HOW Edmonton Buy tickets HERE


Q: What if I am a millionaire and want to give you the whole $55,000 you need?

A: Please Do! We want to keep this thing rolling and have so many plans and dreams for the future. If you can help please reach out!


Q: Why did you wait so long? This is so last minute!

A: We have been working tirelessly all year with new initiatives aggressive marketing campaigns. More events. More connections but it has all seem to not be enough. A GoFundMe can be an extremely damaging move for a business to make and we only wanted to use it as a last resort. Hopefully its not too late!

Q: I was just there yesterday and talked to you guys. Everything seemed fine?

A: What can we do but carry on? We have been scrambling in the background for months now but have attempted to maintain a future/success focused mind set and image at all times.


Q: How can you possibly expect to raise $55,00 in such a short time

A: As pointed out by one of our friends in the instagram comments. We have over 7k followers on instagram. Over 10K email subscribers. And over 10k active waivers. All it would take is less then $10 from everyone.


Q: I purchased a Month Pass/6 Month Pass/Birthday Party that goes into the new year?

A: Every effort is being made to insure we can survive and continue to provide our services. We can not guarantee what the future will include. We will try to be as open and transparent as possible


Q: What about the City/Cities? Can’t they help?

A: We have met with City Council Members and discussed what that might look like. At the present there is no room or mechanism in place for a “Bail Out”. Part of our on going success plan is to continue exploring long term relationships with the cities.


Q: What Makes you think you can succeed long term if you get the $55,000?

A: We recognize that this may not be an normal target use for crowd funding. But we have several large and many small changes we plan to implement. Not the least of which being Aiden and Brent stepping back from House Of Wheels and reducing the ownership draw on the business. We do not take home large amounts of money. In 2023 Our collective take home as owners will be less than $100K


Q: Why keep going if you don't make any money?

A: We ask Ourselves this on the daily. We Believe in what we are doing. We believe there is a genuine need for our services in the Alberta area. We have come to form friendships with many of our customers and want to do everything we can to keep this going. We hope to have the opportunity to take everything we have learned in the last 5 years and develop our operations into a truly financially viable business.


Q: Do you just need $55K of sales before the end of the year?

A: With our current projections we need $55K EXTRA to be able to catch up on missed payments and have a fresh start for 2024.