Summer Camp FAQ

So many questions: Hopefully this will put your mind at ease. Usually, our answer is, YES, we do that!  We hope you'll love our supervised, safe, secure, fun camps!

Summer Camp

What time can I drop off my rider? As early as 7:45 am.

What if I am late? Early?  Before 7:45 am you may have to wait. The camp starts up slowly, with warm-ups and safety chat. Just let us know when you'll arrive.

What time do I pick up? What if I am late? 4:00 pm is pick up time. We'll be here to take care of your rider for as long as it takes.
Who coaches the camps? Our trained and experienced staff are our coaches. See a Meet the Coaches link HERE.
Do the kids get snacks with lunch? Yes. Meet the Lunch Ladies.
What is for lunch? Monday: Hotdogs. Tuesday: Pizza. Wednesday: DQ, Thursday: Subway. Friday: Pizza.  The Lunch Ladies will follow up on allergies you note in your registration.
My rider is 7 years old on September 1st. Can he/she register? Maybe!  It depends on the rider. Experienced riders are OK. Brand new 6 year olds may struggle with the long days.
Why should I register for this camp instead of something else? These are some of the most popular camps in the city because they are unique. We guarantee they are safe, secure, supervised, fun.  But mostly because of our coaching staff! Meet the coaches HERE.
Is there a discount for families? I have 3 kids to register.  Yes -- automatically when you register (after June 10th).
Is there a discount if I register for more than one week of camp? Yes -- automatically when you register (after June 10th).
Can parents watch? Is there a parent watch day/time? Friday is the best time to watch -- that's when you'll see the greatest progress. But you are welcome to watch any time.
Do they just ride all day, or are there other activities? The weeks are filled with riding clinics, safety talks, practice riding, games, snack time, rest time, riding, clinics, lunch, a freestyle-ride movie, and more clinics, and more riding.
What should we bring? Helmet, pads, food?  Helmets are mandatory. Pads are optional but recommended. Food -- bring your own or purchase the lunch option on the registration page.
Can we rent a bike? Scooter? Skateboard? Yes. Limited availability on bikes so call to confirm.
What if my rider gets hurt the first day? What is the refund policy?  REFUND POLICY HERE.