Q: "What can I ride there?"

A: Just about anything with wheels. Mostly people use scooters, skateboards, bikes, and inline skates. Maybe try a unicycle next?

Q: "Are you open on Sundays?"

A: No

Q: "Is there an age minimum?"

A: No. If your kids want to come and learn/try a scooter, bring them over!

Q: "Can I leave my kid there, or do I have to stay and watch?"

A: If your child shows that they know the flow and etiquette of a skate park you can leave them here. If they are new to this world, we prefer that you stay to help them out

Q: "Is there a water fountain I can use somewhere?"

A: Not yet. If you bring a water bottle you can fill it with our water cooler.

Q: "Do you host birthday parties?"

A: Yes! Private bookings in non-peak times (before 6:00pm Monday-Thursday). $250.00/hr.

     Non-Private, see party info page. Or email parties@houseofwheels.ca

     Private bookings in peak times. (After 6:00 pm Mon-Th, $350/hr)

     Private bookings in max-peak times (Saturday after 10:00 am $500/hr)

Q: "Do you guys do Lessons?"

A: Yes! Lesson schedules are flexible and easy to set up. Email Bevan at bevan@houseofwheels.ca for details

Q: "Do you guys rent helmets/pads/bikes etc.?"

A: Yes! We have scooters, skateboards, and BMX's for rent as well as many sizes of helmets and pads.

Q: "Can I leave and come back if I want to get lunch/dinner?"

A: Yes!

Q: "If I buy a 6,10, or 20-pack can I use them all at one time for a party?"

A: Yes! That would be a smart idea.

Q: "Do you guys sell parts and merchandise?"

A: Absolutely. We are Edmonton's BMX and scooter pro shop, we also have great selection of skateboard parts. Inventory is growing all the time. If we don't have what you need in stock, we can special order just about anything for your set up.